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Over the years people have asked me to give talks or informal classes on Framiming.

Art classes, Photography Groups, Art Societies, News Papers and Magazines, even a senior center.

I am happy to share the information if it will help others, all I ask is it must be around my schedule.


Also groups must bare in mind much of this information is subjective.

There are some black and white do's and don'ts but there is a lot of gray area.

What I convey is what makes sense to me.

I've taken some of the "way it's always been done" that makes sense to me.

And added my take on Framing to bring it up to my standards.


Sadly I've never been in an industry where the bar was so low.

There is little formal training, people often learning by doing it the way their employer does it. For whatever reason framers seem to fear change, new materials, new equipment and new ways of doing things.


It seems to be all about picking pretty mat boards and a frame. And what to me is the most important, the structural integrity of the frame itself, the woodworking is not even considered important.


Art is about making pretty, craftsmanship is about making it right so it will last generations. It takes both to do Framing well.


I can taylor the information to what a groups needs are, just let me know.



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