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It is what you can’t see that matters the most!

Picture and Art Framing serves two important functions, Preservation and Presentation.  Everything that is done supports one or both of these goals.

To ensure the longevity and durability of your works of art. Whether an original oil or acrylic painting, a watercolor, a signed and numbered print, or your child’s first masterpiece.

The ultimate goal is to preserve the piece for as long as possible in relationship to the value of the work. This includes reducing environmental damage and effects as much as possible. Sunlight, indoor pollution, excessive changes in humidity wet or dry can all damage the artwork and frame.

In this day of online everything.

When service is a distant memory to many, and a foreign concept to most.

When the corporate model is profit above all else.

And most business's strive for mediocrity.

When price and value have evolved into the “smoke and mirror” hype of doubling the price and the marking it down 50%.

When the standard of good enough, is good enough.

And a common comment from framers is“All it has to do is fool the eye”


I had to make a decision.

Blindly follow the Status Quo and struggle constantly with my own sense of ethics.


Follow my upbringing and roots.

Where honor and integrity meant something.

And a man was only as good as his word.

So the business model I try to follow is

“It’s right when it can’t be done any better”


“Anything worth doing, is worth over doing”

Quality comes first, and the price should be competitive and fair for everyone.

And as outdated as it is, treat others as I would want to be treated.

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