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Along with over 3,000 rectangular and square molding (frame) samples we have the round and oval samples from Inline Ovals all the way from Canada

I have picked from dozens of vendors and thousands of samples to bring you the best balance of quality and value. I only display moldings that I feel comfortable will stand the test of time. The best value has to balance Price and Quality.

Combining the best old world craftsmanship with modern materials, Inline Ovals are still the best in the industry. They still make their convex glass the same way by melting a flat sheet into a convex mold.

This is Nash, he was everybodys favorite at Animal Humane NM.

FWIW, he hates attention and likes treats even less. Please let me know if you are uncomfortable around dogs (even friendly ones).

The Eclipse Pro mat board cutter. It was state of the art when it was built using the more expensive "servo" motors vs the less expensive stepper motors.

This was built to be a world class industrial machine and it was well over $30,000 when it was new in 2002.


The Bravetti C 16 double mitre saw. While not normally used in the picture framing industry becasue of its high cost it is truly a world class piece of hardware.

While newer machines have added bells and whistles, which in 15 years I've had few ask for, nothing cut's better.

And after it's all said and done, that's what is most important.

The C16 can be found in the best window builders around. These were made for companies like Pella, Anderson and Hurd

Unlike other saws, the blades do not pivot or move on an arm. The motors and saw arbors are all part of a trunnion or table assembly and that raises and lowers.

The Pistorius MN-200. While not quite up to the C 16 it's engineering and durability are mind blowing. It is more than addequite for cutting the metal molding. This is still on the higher end of saws used in the industry.

This machine is designed for unmatched precission and control and that allows me to make the very best possible corners. And nice tight corners will give you years of trouble free service and the best possible appearance.

It's hard to believe this machine is older than I am and was built in the 40's. I completely rebuilt it replacing the blade arbors and all wear items and upgrading the motors to Baldor, the best available. It was repainted as close as I could get to the original.

A wood and metal bandsaw, and yes everything does get used. Its having the best equipment that allows me to do things other shops would not even try.

While the Morso chopper is as old school as it get's in framing it is still the best way to cut liners. I even have a baby version for cutting Fillets.

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