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What's new at Renaissance Framing.

There is no time like the present so the store is going through what has pretty much turned into a full remodel again.

We are adding new equipment and services.

We are adding CNC Rounting and Engraving also CNC Laser Engraving and cutting.

Also in this section.

New Equipment

New Products

New Services

And just cool new stuff

Well after two months of reasearch the Eclipse Pro is here from Atlanta.

Before and after, a bit of an improvement.

Yes that is rust. Not something you want brand new bearing to have to run across.

Stripped down to the table and tracks. Ready to clean and reassemble.

Slotting the rod for the air cylinder for a screwdriver

Now the fun begins. The unit was just plain grungy and poorly maintained.

The entire machine will need to be taken apart, all the components cleaned and the wear items replaced with new. $1,600 in new parts and about two weeks work.

This is how you get a $32,000 machine for about $7,000, sweat equity.

Just plain grungy, incorrect lubrication, dirt, sawdust? = a lot of work

Yes, that is the same rod, I can live with that. And more importantly, the new bearings can.

All cleaned, rebuilt, calibrated and cutting mat boards. It really does make the Wizard look like a toy. Still having to learn the new computer program.......

The Eclipse all rebuilt and in it's new home

Now the hold down clamps can be installed and removed or adjusted from the top of the machine, huge time saver

The new and the old

I have seen the future, and it is more shelving for the metal molding

The Eclipse was to big to go in through the back so a new doorway had to be cut and framed and a new French door installed

And let there be (more) light.

Still to come more flat file cabinets

The largest vacuum press in the state at

48" X 96"

I don't know how many times over the years I've needed to mill, turn or thread something.

Now I can without having to beg a favor or pay a machinist.

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