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Services offered.

We are a true full service frame shop.

We can offer the customer everything from the most basic presentation, to museum conservation framing, to the most creative and elaborate designs imaginable.

All of our framing from the most basic design incorporates the basic values of conservation framing.

We will explain all of your choices and help you come to the right decision for you and your artwork.

I am one of the few frame shops that will even consider repairing damaged frames. While I can’t promise that I can repair a broken frame, I will give you an honest idea of if it is possible, and what it will take.

Every frame shop will say "full service".

What we bring to the table.

*The largest selection in New Mexico of wood and metal molding

samples, selected from the industries best companies. A selection of

over 3,500 samples, picked for their overall quality and value.

*There are oval and round frames, and the convex glass to go with

them. They come all the way from Canada from crafts people who

have been making them for many, many years. I could get the

cheap plastic and lightweight foam ones, but I won’t.

There are cheaper moldings available but they are not consistent enough in their dimensions or their quality for me to feel comfortable standing behind the finished products.

Note: Please be aware that the big box stores have copied brand name products. They have them made for them in Asia where International Patents and Copyrights are ignored. While they may look similar they are not. Their quality control, material’s used, and finish is nowhere near the originals quality.

*We have New Mexico’s largest vacuum press, it will press up to

48"X 96" materials.

*New to us is an Eclipse Pro mat cutter.

I have completely rebuilt the machine to "like new" specs. Even thought the machine was built in 2002 it was state of the art then and with servo motors at all axes's it is still state of the art.

This was a $32,000 machine in 2002, the only machine close to comparable now is $38K.

This machine makes the Wizard look like a toy.

It’s capable of producing everything from basic circles and

rectangles, to complex corner designs, and multi opening arrays.

Note: While not as popular as they were, if you want fancy

Southwest styled corners, we can make them for you. The choices

are almost unlimited.

*We have Fletchers very best oversized glass, mat, Acrylic, and metal


*With 45 years of woodworking experience, and as the Service

Manager for one of the Southern states, and Texas’s largest tool

and fastener distributor. I know tools and equipment, and how to

use and maintain them.

*I have a full wood working shop, so I can create designs other

Framer’s have only dreamed about. And yes, I am tool junkie, well,

find me a woodworker that isn’t.

*We have the industries most accurate wood cutting miter saws the Bravetti C-16.

It is capable of producing the cleanest, most accurate corner cuts


This gives you tightest, filler free corners for many years to come.

It also allows me to maintain the tolerances needed to create multi

layered stacked frames.

*And one of the best designed and built saws ever, the Pistorius for the metal frames.

Both saws are set up to give my customers the very best possible results.

*An industry standard underpinner or V nailer, for tight clean

corners, with no visible damage to the molding.

*Other equipment includes a commercial duty table saw, a very

accurate custom built router table, a drill press, a metal and wood

cutting band saw. Grinding, sanding, and polishing machines are

all available.

*This also gives me the ability to fabricate specific hardware needed

for the more elaborate designs.

I can assure you that every piece of equipment in the shop gets used on a regular basis. If it’s here, there is a purpose for it, ask any tool junkie.

To produce the best you have to be willing to invest in the best. Pride, craftsmanship, and attention to detain all help, but you have to have good tools.

Note: If you are a tool junkie, or just curious, I am more than happy to show folks around. This is a working shop, so it’s not always as tidy as I might like. But if you can overlook that, come on in and look around.

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